Chase Clymer

Co-founder at Electric Eye and host of Honest Ecommerce

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What I'm Doing Now

Updated: June 21, 2020

Right this moment (8:50pm on a Sunday evening) I'm learning how to use VS Code, Git and Netlify to create this website. Things are going well at the agency. We're about to hire again which is always exciting and a little scary. Outside of work I'm trying to improve my golf game. I'm also a giant nerd playing D&D and Magic: The Gathering weekly.

Chase Clymer Speaking

Current Commitments

I'm focusing my professional endeavors on the following:

  • Increasing sales for ecommerce brands with my agency
  • Creating content and resources for our ecommerce community
  • Advising select freelance clients when there is a good fit

I'm Available To

  • Help your business grow with strategic consulting
  • Be a guest on your podcast or video series
  • Speak at your event (virtual, for now)

I'll Pass On

  • Giving you free, personalized advice
  • Reviewing or demoing your app
  • Letting you pick my brain

Freelance Availability

I currently have availability to take on a freelance client. I do not consult with direct-to-consumer brands outside of Electric Eye.

Get In Touch

If you would like to get in touch, feel free to leave a message through the form below. I read every message I receive.